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Advanced Remanufacturing and Technology Centre


A*STAR – Agency for Science, Technology and Research


ARTC provides a collaborative platform for companies to work together on industry ready solutions which can cut across the supply chain and help accelerate adoption. The centre follows an already well-established UK model which provides strong support from the public sector. Our specialized core team is complemented by additional technical support from research institutes and academia.

With a purpose-built 7200 sqm facility, the centre is committed to supporting its member companies in accelerating the development of solutions as well as bringing new technologies to industry.


ARTC works with companies which encompasses OEMS, equipment providers and SMEs on developing industry-ready solutions. Through a collaborative platform which include the supply chain, both development and implementation can be accelerated.

We offer a wide range of technologies and processes under 6 technology themes – Advanced Remanufacturing, Data Driven Surface Enhancement, Intelligent Product Verification, Additive Manufacturing Industrialization, Advanced Robotics Applications and Smart Manufacturing Group.

ARTC’s technology advanced remanufacturing and manufacturing capabilities is faster, efficient and cost-effective way than working alone. Based on a membership framework, it drives commitment from both industry members and ARTC as active strategic partners.
ARTC offers a wide variety of mechanisms to work together with industry including one-to-one projects , multi-party projects, consultancy as well as service projects.


The ARTC focuses on 5 main technology themes which aim to address the various challenges faced by industry. These themes are Repair and Restoration, Surface Enhancement, Product Verification, Additive Manufacturing and Robotics. We work with industry partners such as Rolls-Royce, Siemens, SKF and IHI as well as across different market sectors to develop and increase technological competencies in remanufacturing and manufacturing.

In-house capabilities include large format 5-axis machining of aerospace alloys, laser cladding for large components, robotised deburring, and advanced NDE techniques for defect detection as well as additive manufacturing for titanium and nickel-based alloys. In addition, we have a dedicated 200 square metre metrology facility hosting a variety of equipment including a robotised fringe projection system, coordinate measurement machine, three X-ray diffraction systems for residual stress measurement as well as a comprehensive suite of surface measurement equipment.

The ARTC will also be the host venue for the development of a Factory of the Future testbed allowing companies to test new concepts and technologies before implementing them in their own organisations. It is hoped that this will accelerate the adoption of digital technologies in the Singapore manufacturing industry and help industry remain competitive.


The ARTC is the first centre in Asia to adopt an industry-led public private partnership model. This allows companies to work in a collaborative environment to develop solutions across the supply chain. Projects can either be single company or can include partners such as OEMs as well equipment, material and software providers.




Dr David Low

Mr Nicholas Yeo
Technical Director

Dr Andy Lee
Deputy Business Development Director

ADDRESS 3 CleanTech Loop, #01/01 CleanTech Two
COUNTRY: Singapore
TEL: +65 6908 7900



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