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Aviation Studies Institute (ASI)

Singapore University of Technology & Design (SUTD)


The Aviation Studies Institute in the Singapore University of Technology and Design is established jointly with the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore. The ASI aims to be one of the world’s leading centres of aviation policy research and thought leadership. We are dedicated to the advancement of aviation in the Asia-Pacific region by addressing the needs of aviation stakeholders – including Air Traffic Managers and policy-makers.

The future of aviation rests on a culture of collaboration. ASI supports this vision and takes a collaborative approach in its research efforts, capability development and engagement activities.


1. Conducts operational, economic, and policy-relevant research in aviation and air traffic management;
2. Understands and articulates the aviation challenges of states like Singapore within the Asia-Pacific region;
3. Provides new insights, perspectives, and potential solutions to aviation challenges faced by the regional and international aviation community; and
4. Nurtures a community of local and global scholars based in Singapore who will promote sustainable aviation growth and develop innovative solutions to the challenges confronting Singapore and the wider region.


The Aviation Studies Institute applies strong capabilities in systems engineering, optimisation and analysis to solve aviation industry challenges. Based at SUTD, we leverage upon the wider capabilities of the university which includes autonomous systems, artificial intelligence, data science, engineering product development, urban planning, architecture, and sustainable design.

Together with our industry relationships, we focus our research towards applied outcomes that support a range of regional stakeholders and can be advanced further into products.

We pursue our current research through the following 3 tracks:
ASEAN Network Collaboration Using FF-ICE – This research track focuses on the opportunities and challenges presented by greater collaboration in air traffic management across ASEAN. The research aims to investigate the trade-offs and priorities for the region as it develops, as enabled by greater information availability and digital communications. It attempts to develop solutions that provide insights, directions, as well as opportunities that foster collaboration across multiple stakeholders.

Airfield and Airspace Management – This research track focuses on overcoming challenges to integrate both airfield and airspace operations in an optimised manner. The research considers both the complementary and competing perspectives of air traffic management, airport management and airline management. The research seeks to develop software that can automate these processes for rapid evaluation and decision support.

Translational Research – This research track focuses on the translation of research into useful aviation tools. It translates early research insights into applied outcomes, through the creation of demonstrable software prototypes. Activities include active stakeholder engagement and systems integration. ASI is keen to collaborate with industry and non industry partners to broaden and mature these developments further to benefit the wider aviation community.


Prof. Peter Jackson
Institute Director

Mr Jamie Bloomfield
Lead, Translational Research and Industry Engagement

Ms Candice Chan
Senior Programme Manager

ADDRESS 8 Somapah Road
COUNTRY: Singapore
TEL: +65 6303 6600



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