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Thales in Singapore


Thales has been present in Singapore since 1973 and is today involved in the four main business areas of Aerospace, Defence, Security and Transportation, as well as housing a strong Research & Technology division.

Thales today employs over 700 people in Singapore, having built up industrial capability in avionics production and Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) to support regional airlines from Singapore.

Thales has also enhanced its competencies in the fields of transportation and security and is a strong contributor to the local defence and Research & Development (R&D) ecosystem.

With a strong commitment to research and technology, Thales in Singapore houses Centres of Excellence (CoE) in radars, naval drones and space, as well as the regional Innovation Hub, which engages customers and partners in user-centred innovation.


• Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) for avionics
• In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) equipment
• Production capacity in avionics and both commercial & military aerospace
• Manufacturing key systems for the Airbus A320, A350 and Boeing B787 fleets, including flight control computer displays and electrical systems
• Maintenance services and parts distribution to standard exchanges, access to spares pools, pre-owned equipment trading and full component availability packages


– Accredited manufacturing centre for Avionics products and Aircraft electrical systems.
– Production process from sub-assemblies integration till Finished Goods products, leading to Airworthiness approval such as EASA and FAA approval.
– Rigorous testing of products, including HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Test) and HASS (Highly Accelerated Stress Screen) testing, Endurance Ageing test and Full Functional Systems Electrical test. Delicate soldering and brazing are also performed on-site.
– Project transfer and Industrialization management from Prototype to New Product Introduction to Serial Production.
– Dedicated team of Supply Chain Management and Suppliers Performance Management.
– Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul of Avionics equipment.
– Technical support for Aviation equipment.
– Maintain updated database and evolution history of aircraft equipment.
– Aircraft On Ground services.
– Stockist of Avionics parts for Sales and Exchange.
– In Flight Entertainment services.


– Customer protection is of highest priority
– Systematic manufacturing processes
– Lean manufacturing and Kaizen approach
– Continuous Improvement mindset
– Well maintained and certified test means
– Detailed capacity analysis of test means
– Well-trained and certified personnel
– Strict Quality control system
– Full traceability of every product
– Best practice Supply Chain Management
– Well managed Project Industrial transfer
– Dedicated team of Product Managers to handle all products
– Dedicated team of Supplier Performance Managers to manage Suppliers
– Maturity program to improve production yields


Mr Nicolas ODILLE
Head of Country Business Unit, Avionics

Mr WEE Boon Chong
Vice President, Avionics Services Worldwide

Mr Olivier SOMME
Vice President, In-Flight Entertainment

Mr SEAH Meng Chuan
Industrial Director, Singapore Production Centre

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