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Asia-Pacific is set to lead the global advancement of the aviation industry. It is forecast to experience the fastest growth in the world at an average annual rate of 6.5%, reaching a fleet size of nearly 14,000 aircraft by 2027. With the projected surge in air travel outpacing other regions, the region is also expected to capture up to 30% or $20 billion of the global MRO market share. By all accounts, Asia-Pacific is THE place to be in to tap into an industry that is recording near historic net profits.

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Data across all sources point towards strong growth in aviation industry in Asia-Pacific. Take charge and position your company to capture a larger slice of the market share!

Showcase the most up-to- date information on your products, capabilities and services to international markets across Asia-Pacific and beyond

  • Reach a wide international market and connect to a valuable audience of serious buyers, aircraft manufacturers, OEMs and industry procurers
  • Advertise your latest product launches, innovative solutions and new capabilities, and give
    your business 24/7/365 exposure to the industry network
  • Get connected to aircraft manufacturers, airlines, OEMs and procurers of the aviation industry seeking services and partnerships in the Asia-Pacific region
  • Demonstrate your market knowledge, network and value-add story, and promote your organisation as the right choice for customers in Asia-Pacific

Landing a customer can be challenging but often could bring an organisation a lifetime of value. Shouldn’t they be able to reach out to you easily when you are exactly what they are looking for?

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